Wooden Garage Doors: Beauty That Will Last

There is a huge choice when it comes to the different types of material for garage doors. There is steel, fibreglass, aluminium and wood each with its own pros and cons. Before making a decision, you should try to purchase one that fits the overall look of your home and also consider the maintenance that is involved in caring for the door as they are not an inexpensive item to buy. Wooden garage doors give a touch of class to a home and can compliment most home designs.

A garage door constructed from wood especially lends itself to the more rural look maybe a cabin or a rustic type home, and if the wood is stained rather than painted it will look even better. Wood that is stained allows for more of the natural beauty to be shown. If your preference should be to paint the wood then give it a little thought, try to choose a color that will blend with the exterior of the home such as the wall color if not then the color of the wooden trims and windows, wooden garage doors that blend in attract less attention from unwanted visitors.

Below are listed a few of the maintenance procedures that will keep your garage door in good working order.

All of the working parts on your garage door should be annually maintained. Hinges rollers and springs literally any moving metal parts need lubrication, an everyday lubricant can be used and if there are chains involved axle grease is great for this. Do not be mean with your oil make sure all parts are well covered and this will ensure its continued smooth running.

A regular check on screws nuts and bolts is also required. Look over all the moving parts of the door and if anything is loose have your tools handy to bring them back up to proper levels. This can prevent a simple loose screw from becoming a major repair job down the line. Front Door Staining

The garage doors track system is essential to its smooth running so it’s necessary to check on the alignment every now and then. A track that is out of line will cause the door to stick or catch when opening. Refer to the installation manual for the correct procedure to keep the track and rollers perfectly lined up.

Now spring tension is something that in most cases it is best to call in a professional for especially if the door has become difficult to lift.

Do not forget the exterior of your wooden garage doors, wood should be treated on a regular basis either staining or painting. Stained doors need more attention than a painted door, at least once every two years, a painted door if done correctly should give you about four years, these are only intended as guides your local weather patterns usually dictates maintenance required. Do not forget that the interior should also be protected so as to prevent the wood from getting warped and damaging its smooth running.


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