How to Fix Fast Battery Drain in the Mi 9 Power Slot


The Mi 9 Power is one of the most sought after phones in the market. This handset has been introduced by Samsung. However, many consumers are having problems with the phone’s functionality after using it for a few days. This problem is a result of a virus named “heimer’s disease” that corrupts the brain’s memory. This virus makes the phone’s functioning deteriorate rapidly. To solve this problem, how do you buy Mi 9 Power on the internet?

A Mi 9’s overheating problem can be caused by the use of applications such as YouTube and Google+. These applications constantly open several websites while you are using your smartphone. The moment you try to close these sites, your smartphone begins to heat up. This is a very common problem and one of the reasons why most users do not opt to purchase a new handset. However, today we will be showing you a very easy solution to almost all problems and questions related to the Mi 9 Power. Mi 9 Power

The first and most important thing that you need to do to fix the Mi 9’s overheating problem is to stop using all the apps that open at the same time. Normally, your smartphone will detect all the apps that are open on its own, but sometimes, it may not be able to recognize some of these apps. To fix this, you can remove these apps from your smartphone. However, if you want to prevent this problem from happening, you can add the apps again so that they do not open at the same time.

The next step given below explains briefly the steps that you have to take to fix the Mi 9’s app list. First of all, open your device’s developer settings. You should be able to see all the available apps installed in your phone. For this reason, you can open all the apps that you want to check out. Now, just tap on the + sign next to the apps opening slowly.

Once you have done that, go back to your device’s home screen and use the apps list feature. Basically, there will be a search box for all the apps you have currently installed. You just type all the popular apps that you want to check out in this box. You should see an option to ” Delete”, which means that you can delete them from your smartphone. If you want to prevent the reappearance of the errors, just switch to the “Manage” or “Control” mode from the Settings app.

If you want to fix the Mi 9’s power and performance issues, the next steps given below can help you in your endeavor. First of all, you should turn off the phone completely. After that, you should remove all the SIM cards as well as the battery to prevent any kind of interference. Next, open up your Mi 9’s box, and look for a small plastic tab. That is the micro SD card. Pull out the card and put it into the slot provided by your handset’s manual.

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