Help Your Children by Showing Them Positive Attention

I always recommend that parents pay far more attention to good behavior then to bad. It seems that whatever gives a child a bang for their buck is what they go for. If they get more attention when they are being naughty and behaving in an undesirable way then this is what they will do. If they realize that they get far more attention from you when they are being helpful and good company then this is the behavior that will dominate.

In many cases when children act well it goes unnoticed because this is the kind of behavior that is expected. It is so important to offer praise and recognition in instances that you would like to see more of. As a parent you should always attempt to see the positive and to phrase things from the positive perspective rather then the negative.

If it is something that you are new at then look for even the smallest thing that your child is doing well and start from there. Kisses, hugs, laughter and smiles are worth a thousand words. the tiger that came to tea london 

When you see that a certain behavior is improving it is very important to acknowledge it.

Share your child’s accomplishments with other people so they know that you are genuinely proud of them but do not over do it as they can get embarrassed easily.

Avoid making negative and derogatory remarks. Do not speak to your child in a belittling manner or put them down by calling them names like ‘idiot’ or ‘stupid’.

Pat is the creator of the ‘I Can Do It’ family planner. She is a mother of four. The program/planner is a fun and interactive family & school management solution which uses tried and trusted practical strategies and tools to teach your children life-skills, as well as social values

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