Have Smartphone, Will Travel: Starting a Business With Your Smartphone

Any smartphone will work such as: New myTouch 4G slide smartphone by HTC with slide out keyboard, Galaxy S by Samsung or the iPhone by Apple.

Smartphones have been ranked as the number 1 invented product in the last hundred years, according to The History Channel and Popular Mechanic. They surveyed the top 101 products with the help of a group of world wide well known tech gurus. The Smartphone beat out the hypodermic needle, T.V, P.C, Internet, Swiss army knife, CD and Duct tape, etc. The latest advancement to these smartphones, besides the $25B dollar App market, is their pre-installed digital camera. This is where the opportunity exists for small business owners or bloggers.

You can know take professional looking videos and pictures. A few years ago my cell phone had a camera of 1.3 mp. I always carried around my digital camera, because it had a “sharp” 4.5 mp. Some non-smartphones of today have a camera that has about 2.0 mp; the pictures may come out dark and pixilated. The best cell phones now have 5.0 mp to 8.0 megapixels ready to use. The trend today is these phones that come with a valued $200.00 pre installed 8.0 mp cameras. Companies like HTC, Verizon and of course Apple have realized the consumer demand for great gadgets. Cellular phone calls are great but a phone that can send and receive messages, emails and photos and has internet connection, are now more in demand, than ever before. Devices are connecting to the internet at a rapid rate [I have a dream that even your coffee maker will be connected; it can do recommendations by studying habits and you could send it a text to start brewing, or email through your fridge.lol] and are said to double in the next few years. There lies an opportunity for someone who can use their smartphones to start or maintain their business through apps, pics and vids.

A great method to start a business is by using your smartphone to create an online identity with your phone’s professional looking vids and pics. The best websites have people who bring valuable information to their brand. I see a great potential for someone who is willing to put in the leg work of creating a photo/video blog site with their high end cell phone. I have been in business for myself for more than five years, and I must add that the smartphone industry has shown me a great way to do business. The Apps alone have changed the game. Many of these apps are free. There are Apps that are similar to their counterpart websites with high functionality. The smartphone can organize all your business operations. I have diversified my internet business by running more than one website and by affiliating myself with other company products and other internet marketers. You can become a blogger and get pad too, I have created a list of many cell phone features that can be used to generate extra income. You may be a novice at picture taking at first. But if you have a true desire for vids and pics online, you will find ways and resources that will make your pictures the best.

You can start your own online business using your smart cell phone. Someone who has interests in the power of the internet and the power of your connected cell phones camera can create an endless stream of money. Here is the plan:

1. Get a Smartphone

2. Take some pictures and make some videos using keyword research

3. Write about those pics and vids in small articles format, similar to this one

4. Post your vids and pics on your blog and other established sites such as (wordpress.com & tumblr.com) apps realme 5 pro

5. Use Google AdSense and Google AdWords to generate some extra income from your blog.

The reason that you can use your phone to take these pics and vids is because of the high quality film your phone can now deliver. The only bad side is the digital camera companies are “not going out like that.” This means they hold the majority market share for digital cameras, they realize the smartphones are capable of doing the same things some of their low-mid end camera can do. Digital camera companies are putting in features into their high-end cameras that the cell phone can not do now, like optical shutter & zoom and lighting control-which are essential to great pics. I think that competition is healthy and the consumer has won, even without a real “zoom” feature. If you already own a smartphone and are interested in starting your own business online, then this is your chance to combine the two. The third thing you need is a desire to succeed with pictures and videos online. It’s a business meaning it will not be easy and you have to find out what best works for you and how to incorporate the time into your current schedule. The potential to make some extra income is great and simple. Here are my suggested steps once you get a good understanding of your smartphone:

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