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Stickers are one of the most magnificent tools of grabbing public’s attention. They are utilized around the globe as the most effective means of advertisement and marketing. The manufacturers of different products make use of stickers for branding and labeling their products. Others use them as giveaway stickers or decorative tools. The stickers are made out of different stocks, each suiting different kinds of requirements. The three major types of sticker stocks include standard sticker paper stock, vinyl stock and static cling stock. The standard sticker paper stock is the oldest type of stock. It is still used for several countless purposes.

Sticker paper stock is printed for indoor applications as it is not very durable and long last. Vinyl is a highly durable and weather resistant material. The stickers made out of vinyl stock last longer and are highly recommended for outdoor uses. Aside from the two major stocks, static cling stock is also used to make stickers. It is a stock used in indoor applications. Static cling stickers do not require any kind of adhesive for installation. They are placed on truly flat surfaces especially on glass. They are re useable stickers. There are many different types of custom stickers, among those some of the most popular ones include:

Car Stickers

Car stickers which are also known as auto stickers are one of the most popular types of commercial stickers. They are used as tools of advertisement and marketing. Businesses make use of car stickers for labeling their fleet of vehicles or for promoting their newly launched products/services or special promotional offers. The car stickers which include bumper stickers, window stickers and body stickers are placed on different cars and are used for both commercial as well as private applications. The best thing about car stickers is that they are the tools of advertisement on the road. They are also known as moving billboards. It’s the cheapest and most effective kind of advertisement ever. The individuals also make use of car stickers as tools of expressiveness on the road. They are printed with different humorous or supportive messages and are placed on cars. They are also used in advertising, political and fundraising campaigns as best promotional tools. custom keychains

Wall & Window stickers

Wall and window stickers are among the largest types of stickers. They have replaced wall papers and blinds at almost all commercial as well as domestic applications. The wall and window decals which are printed out of thick vinyl stock are highly durable and long last stickers. They are easy to install and remove. These special stickers do not leave any kind of residue on the surface they are removed from.The window and wall decals are placed on glass doors and windows of stores, offices, banks, educational institutions, hospitals, shopping malls and many other places. They work great as storefronts and provide inviting impression to the customers. Printing-blue is one of the leading online printing companies. They have been providing comprehensive printing solutions to their customers around the world since more than 15 years.



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