Ask the Angels – Discover the Top 5 Ways Angels Can Help You

Your Angels are always with you and you don’t have to believe they are for them to be able to help you. Just pretend you do. Their purpose is to help you and they love to be called upon. There are unlimited possibilities and opportunities for your life to change and transform using your connection with the Angels. Denying yourself this gift is giving your power to fear, take courage into your heart and Ask The Angels.

Here are 5 ways the Angels can help you:

1. Because we’re bombarded by information in our daily lives, sometimes it’s difficult to find what we want as we don’t consciously remember putting things down. Call on the Angels, ask them where you put your car keys or where you wrote down the telephone number you need.Then let go and wait. Listen to any positive thoughts and follow your gut instinct. They will lead you to somewhere and then maybe somewhere else. At the end of the guidance there will be your request. Remember to thank them.

2. Call on Archangel Michael and ask him to protect your family and home. He can be in many places at once because of his powerful energy so don’t be afraid to ask him to come into your home. You can also ask him to protect you as you travel by car, plane or boat. Where ever you are he’ll stand guard, protect you and give you a fantastic feeling of safety allowing you to enjoy life. Just ask. 1818 angel number

3. If you have a particular issue or problem and you’re stuck figuring out the solution. As you drift off to sleep ask your Angels to give you some guidance so that when you awake in the morning you are ready to greet the day with a solution. The solution may come in the form of a dream or a feeling of knowing what to do.

4. Remember there are Earth Angels. An Earth Angel is a wise soul, someone who just says the thing you most needed to hear at the right moment. An Earth Angel is someone who seems to come out of thin air with a fantastic idea you hadn’t considered or a solution to your problem. Earth Angels turn up in all areas of your life.

5. The work Angels do for us is transformational and magical to behold. Please remember to thank them and appreciate where you are in your life now. They want to guide you to everything you desire, imagine how frustrated you’d be if you were helping someone and not only were they not listening but they didn’t see how wonderful their life was NOW. Ask the Angels how you can be more grateful for their help and they’ll show you. If you don’t learn to be grateful for what you have, you’ll always be that way because you’ll take that mind-set and attitude of lack into your future. Your point of gratitude is NOW. Start appreciating everything, start small. Ask, “what can I be grateful for today?”


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